Specialist Network Support for the Food Industry

For 25 years Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) has provided data transmission support to the UK’s food industry.Automated Food Factory

Areas covered include:

IT plays a significant role in the production, packaging, delivery, retail and disposal of food products. In the early years ACCL’s support was based around the laying of copper based cable, through technological enhancements we are now moving towards, fibre optic, laser, microwave and wireless solutions.

As the race for network efficiency speeds up, ACCL find themselves at the centre of the action. Our work within food based factories is having a dramatic effect on productivity, all round efficiency and profitability. Within the retail sector our bespoke software solutions are already fitted into many mainstream shopping malls throughout the country.

With ACCL you get what it says on the tin (pun intended) a professional organisation that fully understand how to bring modern technology directly into the core of the food industry. Our engineers are hand selected for their ability to work to the highest possible standard, regards of conditions or circumstances.

Our organisation not only install top quality IT solutions, we also maintain them to a high standard. If a problem arises we can have engineers on the ground in very quick time.

If you would like more information on the support offered to the food industry please call our Support Team on 0333 900 0101, alternatively you can make use of our contact forms or email info@accl-ltd.com.


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