Network Installation Services to the Education ICT Sector

Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) is proud to be associated with the UK’s educational sector, to which it has provided ICT network services on multiple projects. By taking an active role in the development, repair and maintenance of IT networks our company are helping develop specific skills for the next generation of workers.

Past projects include:Education ICT Network Services

  • Epsom College
  • City of London University
  • Oxford Brookes
  • Lilian Baylis Technology
  • Barnhill Community High
  • Royal Russell School
  • Sutton Grammar School

Our technical expertise is being put to the test throughout the length of the country. Not only through the installation, repair and maintenance of IT infrastructures but also acting as consultants within the much larger area of safety.

The main issues here are:

  1. Heat
  2. Electrocution
  3. Toxicity

ACCL have the technical expertise to examine existing cable/hardware and identify the risk rating. Please note, if incorrect cabling is used throughout a building, toxic fumes may be emitted in the unlikely event of a fire.

Apart from our role as safety consultants we are also busy installing, repairing and maintaining network based infrastructures. As the demand for speed and efficiency increases we are being called upon more readily to take advantage of fibre optic, laser, microwave, wireless solutions and the introduction of fibre to the classroom with Gigabit Passive Optical Networks GPON.

Security is another area ACCL are active within; here we are fitting solutions such as:

  • HD CCTV systems
  • Card based door entry systems
  • Biometric door entry systems

Going forward ACCL will continue to support the UK’s educational sector; we will do this by utilising modern technology to enhance the skill level of the next generation. Our work in the area of safety is critical, unfortunately we regularly come across situations where incorrect equipment has been installed or working practices poor.

For a better understanding of our work in the educational sector, simply contact our Support Team on 0333 900 0101, we look forward to hearing from you.

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